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Chris Henry Chat

I was able to get one of the newest Titans, Chris Henry, to answer a few questions for me about being a Titan.  Special thanks to Kirk over at for hooking this up.

1.  Are you excited to be coming to the Titans?

 I'm really excited. Of all the teams that had shown an interest in me deep down Tennessee is where I wanted to go. I loved it when I visited there. I loved everything about the Titans. I'm not just excited, I'm overly excited.

2.  How much have you seen Vince Young play?  What are your thoughts on being in the same backfield with him?

I've watched him a lot when he was at Texas and last year. He's a great quarterback and an unbelievable athlete. It's going to be a lot of fun to share a backfield with him.

3.  What is the biggest adjustment you need to make in your game to be successful in the NFL?

The biggest adjustment will be grasping the plays. The playbook is so extensive. Even now as I learn the plays Coach Chow told me to do everything full speed. Even if I run the wrong way he wants me to do it full speed. Once I get comfortable with the playbook the possibilities are endless.

4.  What were you doing during the draft and how did you find out the Titans were drafting you?

I was playing Madden actually. My dad yelled out from the other room that it was the Titans turn. A couple of minutes later my phone rang and it was a 615 area code. I was thrilled. Five minutes later I was a Titan.

5.  Have you ever been to Nashville?

I came for a visit before the draft and really loved it. I love to fish and look forward to finding some good fishing spots.  

6.  Do you look forward to the competition you will have with LenDale White for the starting RB job?

I always look forward to competition. I am a competitor. We just finished our rookie mini camp and it was great to start working. I can't wait to get the veteran guys out there and start running.

I am glad that he looks forward to the competition.  If both those guys are geared up for that battle, we could get a great year from the running game.

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