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Some Saturday Thoughts

Apparently it has not be decided whether or not Michael Griffin will wear #27.  In yesterday's practices he was wearing #10.  I can't remember which Titan wears #10, but, if I remember correctly, someone already does.

Last week LenDale White said he had never heard of Chris Henry.  When Henry was asked about LenDale yesterday he jokingly replied, "Who?"  He went on to say:

"Nah, LenDale White is a great running back," Henry said. "I have never met him, but I have seen him run for three years being in the Pac-10 together. So I am sorry he doesn't know who I am, but he is a great running back."

Jeff Fisher said yesterday that he has not spoken to Keyshawn.  He did say it is still a possibility but no talks have taken place at this point.

Pacman will have his appeal hear by the commissioner on Friday.  He, of course, is seeking to have the penalty reduced.  I wish him well in that endeavor, but I don't see it happening.