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Friday Morning Nuggets

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The rookies will be on the field today for a couple of practices and orientation.  It is always exciting to see the clips of the new guys on the field for the first time as Titans.  Next week will be the first mini-camp where the veterans and rookies will be on the field together.

The Tennessean confirms today that Griffin will come in as a corner.  Fisher's quote:

"We feel like he has corner skills and we know he can play the other positions,'' he said. "So we want to get him as familiar as we possibly can at the position as soon as we can. I think he is best suited to play (cornerback). That's what we're doing, and I believe it is going to work out.''
I like the idea.  We know he can play safety.  If he can play corner it is a bonus.  He can play there until/if Pacman comes back and then slide back to safety.  This will still give Lowry/Fuller a chance to beat out fan favorite Lamont Thompson.

Kuharsky has an article this morning on overachievers vs. underachievers.  We have already spent a lot of time on this here.  I still say I will take production over potential any day of the week.  The prime example is Texans LB DeMeco Ryans.  I watched him play at Alabama and make every tackle for 2 years.  Then he went to the combine and didn't have a good 40 time so he dropped to the 2nd round.  How did he do in his rookie year?  Decent I guess when you consider he was the Defensive Rookie of the Year.

This is not to say that any of the 3 guys (Henry, Williams, Johnson) mentioned in the aritcle will not have success in the NFL.  They may very well go on to have great NFL careers because they have all of the physical tools.  It is just to say that if I have my choice, I am going with production.  Raiders defensive coordinator and former Patriots linebackers coach said it best:

"I'm going to take the overachiever," he said. "I won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots (as linebackers coach) with a lot of overachievers. Those underachievers, we used to call them coach killers. I don't usually like them. I think you take those guys late and you hope something happens. But you don't take them early, that's for (darn) sure."