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Thursday Links

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Not a lot new under the sun today.  Here are some links to the Titans stories of the day:

Jim Wyatt has an article about Michael Griffin's move to corner.  It seems that he is having some growing pains, but he has a great attitude about it.  I think he will be a good corner.

Joe Biddle has a column about #25.  Hopefully his potential will become ability unlike Calico's.

Terry McCormick has an article about Biren Ealy, an undrafted WR that was signed by the Titans.  He and Vince worked out together in Houston over the winter and Vince pushed for the Titans to sign him.

Zack sent me a link to an article written by Floyd Reese about Devin Hester.  I wish Floyd would have stood up to the coaches and taken Hester.  I understand the reasoning of needing a back and already having #32, but I would feel a lot better about this team with Hester returning kicks and punts.  He would probably also be in the mix at either WR or CB.

Those are some things from around the world of the Titans today.  Also, be sure and weigh in on our baseball discussion in this diary.

Update [2007-5-31 16:49:55 by Jimmy]: I can say LenDale again. He practiced today. I guess Fisher and the teammates ripping of LenDale helped his hamstring heal. It's a miracle!!