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LeRoy Harris, C, NC State

I like this guy.  He played all 3 o-line positions in college and started 42 consecutive games.  His profile on talks about how smart he is.  As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of smart players.  I am an even bigger fan of smart offensive lineman, especially a center.  The o-line has to make a lot of adjustments to their blocking schemes when they come to the line.  The center is more-or-less the captain of the o-line, therefore making most of the calls.

The biggest knock on Harris is his speed.  He doesn't really have the speed to be a pulling guard which is why the Titans are going to use him as a center.  Another knock on him is that he needs to bulk up a little.  The good thing for Harris is that he will have at least a year before the Titans are counting on him, barring injury, to bulk up.  He is the eventual successor to Kevin Mawae at center.

The best thing this organization does is develop offensive lineman.  Mike Munchak has a fantastic track record of taking mid-to-late round draft picks and making them quality NFL players.  Harris has the tools to be the next in line.