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Thursday Morning Thoughts

They just interviewed Michael Griffin on 104.5, and he said the Titans have told him he is going to come in as a corner.  I find it very interesting that they would draft Griffin over Ross with the intention of playing him at corner. I wonder how much, if any input Vince had in the pick.  Maybe he had some insight that made the Titans lean toward Griffing instead of Ross.

I think we are really going to like having Griffin in Nashville.  He seemed like a very nice, intelligent guy when they interviewed him on the radio this morning.

On the Keyshawn front, there was a column in the Charlotte Observer yesterday that had a little more info on why the Panthers cut him.  According to the column, Keyshawn cut a route off in the Panthers Monday night loss to the Eagles last season.  The play resulted in an interception that sealed the win for the Eagles.  After the game, Delhomme took the heat when it was actually Keyshawn's fault.  Keyshawn never stepped up to say otherwise.  His days were numbered in Carolina from that point on, but they couldn't cut him until they found a replacement, which they did in Dwayne Jarrett.

The last thing the Titans need is a guy, especially a veteran, that won't take accountability for his mistakes.  That would be a terrible example for a young team that could result in a divided lockerroom.