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LenDale Continues to Impress

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Thanks to zackmann who tipped me off on this one.  LenDale apparently did not make it back in time for today's practice.  Jeff Fisher was non-to-pleased:

"Everybody else managed to make it back, he didn't," Fisher said. "Maybe there are things that are more important to him than things that we are doing. I'll assume he'll be back at some point today."
Later Fisher was asked if he wanted to see more commitment out of White:
"Commitment is on the field, so he hasn't been on the field, so I'd assume that the answer is yes to that question," Fisher said. "He'll get on the field eventually, we just hope it's not going to be too late. Next topic."
I vowed last week not to talk about him until he was back on the field.  This was to important not to talk about.  LenDale knows the organization is not to pleased with his offseason activity, or should I say inactivity.  How in the world can he run the risk of not getting back in time for practice?  We better start praying now that Chris Henry can make it happen on the field.  If not, the Titans are in a world of hurt.

In other news about players we love to talk about, it appears the NFLPA has stepped in and asked Goodell to reduce Pacman's suspension.  The Tennessean has obtained a copy of the letter sent to the league office by the NFLPA.

"For all of the foregoing reasons, the NFLPA hereby requests that you reconsider the one-year suspension you imposed ... as it is excessive and inconsistent with the treatment of other similarly situated players,'' according to the letter. "We will defer to Jones' counsel for appropriate discipline, if any, to be suggested.''
According to Jim Wyatt's article, the NFLPA says Jones should be fined and not suspended for failing to report the incidents in Georgia.

This is an interesting turn of events.  It has been assumed from the beginning that the NFLPA would be of no help to Pacman in his fight against the suspension.  I don't know what convinced them to take this action, but it really changes things.  Goodell has to take this into account when deciding on the appeal.  

I have said all along there is no way the suspension gets reduced.  Because of the action of the NFLPA, I think it could get reduced significantly.  It could drop down to the 6-10 game range.