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Could Mike Reinfeldt be One and Done?

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There was an interesting article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel over the weekend about the state of the Packers franchise.  To sum it up for you, Bob Harlan is the team's chairman and CEO.  He was scheduled this week to step down and hand the job over to John Jones who has worked with Harlan since 1999 and is currently the team's president.  The Packers are owned by the residents of the town.  There executive board has decided they do not want Jones to take over as CEO.  The reason is probably his management style but has not been made perfectly clear.

The relevance to the Titans comes in the names mentioned as possible succesors to either the CEO or president job:

Should Jones not return in the same capacity, other possibilities include Mike Reinfeldt, a former Packers employee and now general manager of the Tennessee Titans, and Andrew Brandt, the Packers' vice president of finance.

A lot of people, myself included at times, have been critical of the moves, or lack thereof, Reinfeldt has made in his first offseason here in Tennessee.  That being said, it would be terrible for the Titans if Reinfeldt were to leave after just one year.  Reinfeldt has a plan.  I know that sentence is almost laughable, but you have to assume he does.  If he leaves another GM would come in with a completely different plan.  That would just set the Titans back even further in the plan to get back over the hump.

Food for thought on a dull Tuesday morning....