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Minicamp Notes Long Weekend Edition

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Who doesn't love a Friday that is leading into a 3 day weekend?  Memorial Day is just another hurdle we have to get over in the wait for football season.

Vince Young, as always, has all of the right things to say about the Titans not landing Keyshawn:

"I am not disappointed at all. I am happy with the receivers I've got,'' the Titans quarterback said after Thursday's minicamp practice. "He is a grown man and he has been in the league for a while. He makes his own decisions. He was a great receiver in the NFL. I used to watch him a whole lot.''

Superhorn mentioned Eric Moulds in this diary yesterday.  Jim Wyatt mentions in his article this morning that the Titans are not interested in Moulds.  I am still of the belief that there will be a veteran receiver brought in before all is said and done.  The Titans are just going to wait for the June 1 cuts and see what comes available.

Donnie Nickey thinks the franchise is cheap just like some of the fans do.  Here was his quote after returning an INT for a TD yesterday and throwing the ball in the lake:

"They'll probably charge me for the ball, knowing things around here,'' Nickey said with a smile. "I was like, 'This is what I want to do if I score in a game -- throw it into the stands.' But it is ($5,000 for a fine). This might cost me about 50 bucks I guess. ... They can take it out of my check.''
 (Emphasis mine)

According to Mike Keith's blog, Chris Henry considered coming to Vanderbilt.  Being a semi-Vanderbilt fan, I can promise you he would have carried the ball a lot if he had come to Vanderbilt.  Don't forget to check in on Chris's thoughts on his blog.  

Reynaldo Hill was hurt all of last year.  It showed.  If all of that is true though, I do admire his courage.  At the same time, if being out there is just going to hurt the team you need to sit down.