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Small Market Roundtable

Since the news is a little slow this time of year, we have decided to start a discussion of the issues that affect the small market teams.  Nashville is obviously a small market so I will be participating.  The first discussion, relocation, is up over at Big Cat Country.  Here is the schedule for the rest of the discussions:

Wednesday 5/30 - Big, Shiny New Stadiums; Pride of Detroit hosts
Wednesday 6/6 - Free Agent Attraction; Cincy Jungle hosts
Wednesday 6/13 - Media Coverage; Music City Miracles hosts
Wednesday 6/20 - Prime-Time Scheduling; Daily Norseman hosts
Wednesday 6/27 - Revenue Sharing; Buffalo Rumblings hosts
Wednesday 7/11 - The Green Bay Anomaly; Acme Packing Company hosts

There really isn't much Titans news today.  All of the reports are about Goddell and Pacman.  I just can't talk about that anymore.  I am also not going to mention #25 again until he takes part in a practice.