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Keyshawn Had a "Good Visit"

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Keyshawn Johnson met with Jeff Fisher, Norm Chow and Fred Graves at Baptist Sports park yesterday.  Keyshawn called it a "good visit":

"I am looking at my options just like they are looking at theirs. At the end of the day, it was a good visit with the coaches," Johnson said.

"Now I guess they'll meet as a staff and determine whether or not it's a fit, and I'll work with my people and start working out some things.

"I don't have any timetable (for signing), to be honest with you. I don't have any rush on my part. I'll see what happens, and we'll see how things progress. But it's still early in the game for me."

If the Titans sit down with Keyshawn and explain to him that if he is going to play for the Titans he is going to have to mentor the your receivers, I am for signing him.  If Keyshawn expects to come in here and play for Keyshawn, the Titans are better off without him.  

Based on the things Keyshawn is saying, I think he is still playing for Keyshawn.

"I am the same player; nothing has changed," Johnson said. "Look at the numbers, different quarterbacks, different systems but for the most part the same player. I am older, but I am not looking for any special things other than teams that enjoy having a player that can play."
Keyshawn was also very flippant when asked what he thought about playing with Vince:
"I have always played with whoever throws the football and whoever wants to win."
This is Vince's team.  If Keyshawn can't accept that I hope the Titans pass.