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Keyshawn is Coming to Town

As we talked about yesterday, Keyshwan is scheduled to come here today.  I was in favor of this signing, but the comment Keyshawn made yesterday that TrenchantTitan posted here disturbs me.

I'm not in rental mode. You're not going to rent me for six months because someone with my career warrants more than that," Johnson said Thursday. "I just laugh when I read that stuff. All those editors should save their ink for another day. I keep seeing people say that I'm going to sit around and wait for a receiver to get hurt in training camp.  "I don't need to do that. I'm not playing for $750,000, $850,000, $1 million or $2.5 million. You can write that down."
If Keyshawn will accept a role here of teaching the younger guys then I am all for it.  If Meshawn is coming its an entirely different kind of flying, altogether.

Click here to read Jeff Fisher's interview after yesterday's OTA.

This whole LenDale weight thing is really starting to bug me.  Here is his quote in today's City Paper:

"I'm getting real close. I've still got till August," White said. "I don't really know what the coaches want me at. We haven't really discussed that situation, but I'm getting closer. I'm getting the weight down every day. It's getting easier. The conditioning is getting easier, so it looks good for me now. I'm at about 245 right now."
 Does he think he can sit around all winter and get fat as long as he is shape by August?  That does not add up to a successful NFL career.  He will have some type of muscle pull issue every summer as long as that is his attitude.  You can't be a good NFL back on talent alone.  The quicker he learns that, the better his career will be.

Hopefully having Chris Henry here will be good for LenDale.  Henry, by all accounts, has a tremendous work ethic.  If he can push LenDale for the starting job it will teach LenDale that football is a 12 month a year job.