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Alex Brown Wants to be Traded

I hadn't heard this until this morning, but apparently Alex Brown wants out of Chicago.  If I were Mike Reinfeldt, I would be on the phone every minute of every day until I got a deal done.  They said on the radio this morning it would probably only take a 4th round pick.  THAT IS A NO BRAINER.  

I know we have had a TON of debate here about the DE position.  I thought of something this morning though that we haven't really talked about.  What happens if KVB gets hurt?  I know there are people who think that the two-headed monster of the LaBoy/Odom can hold down a D line opposite KVB, but what if KVB goes down.  A D line that featured Odom and LaBoy as the starting ends would not be good.

The Titans have a ton of money under the cap.  I don't know how much Brown would cost, but I don't think his contract is ridiculous.  This is something that really needs to be pursued.