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Jacob Ford, DE, Central Arkansas

I just realized that I hadn't finished going through the players the Titans drafted.  I apologize for that.

Ford is a guy that DonFrancisco and I had actually talked about before the draft.  We agreed that he could be a good late round pick because of his speed (4.62).  With some work he could be a force rushing the QB.

Speed is the name of the game on defense.  Ford could be a guy that comes in on obvious passing downs.  The coaches will just tell him to sell out to get to the QB.  He can also be a guy that can chase a ball carrier down when trying to turn the corner.  

He is a little undersized to be taking on offensive tackles in the NFL.  The key for the Titans will be trying to put weight on him without negatively effecting his speed so that he could be in the DE rotation on all downs.