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Minicamp Notes

I was just reading through Paul Kuharsky's blog about last week's minicamp.  Some of the highlights:

The receivers worked as Jones #1, Gage #2 and R. Williams #3.  Keep in mind, this minicamp did not include the rookies.  They will be on the field with the vets for the first time this Thursday.

Reynaldo Hill made a nice play to find the ball and intercept a pass intended for Brandon Jones.  Maybe he has worked on his ball skills in the offseason.

Travis LaBoy was hurt.  Shocking.

Calvin Lowry and golden boy Lamont Thompson split time at FS.  Brian Scott appeared to rank ahead of Vincent Fuller.  Both were behind Lowry and Thompson.

Depth charts don't mean much in minicamp, but it is still interesting to see how the guys are lining up.  It will be really interesting to see how they line up this week with everyone on the field.