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Jimmy's Starting 11

Here is what I think will happen:


QB- The Franchise
RB- Chris Henry- I think his work ethic will put him above LenDale who apparently has little to no work ethic.
FB- Ahmard Hall- He is one of my favorite players to watch.
WR- Brandon Jones- Can he step up and be a true #1?
T- Michael Roos
G- Benji Olsen
C- Kevin Mawae
G- Jacob Bell
T- David Stewart
TE- Bo Scaife- Will beat out Troupe in camp.
WR- Justin Gage- He is going wear #12.  12 Gage Baby!!


DE- KVB- I think he will return to form this year
DT- Albert Haynesworth- Hopefully he will play to his potential in this his contract year.
DT- Randy Starks- Make or break year
DE- Antwan Odom- I will let White fill in this part :)
OLB- Keith Bulluck- The anchor of the defense
MLB- Ryan Fowler- I am pretty sure I saw him at Stoney River last Saturday.
OLB- David Thornton- Played really well before his injury last year
CB- Nick Harper- Transition to our system will be easier than the critics think
SS- Chris Hope- The QB of the secondary
FS- Calvin Lowry- Just a gut feeling that I have absolutely nothing to back up
CB- Michael Griffin- He will prove how good of a football player he is by making an easy transition to corner

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.  There are quite a few spots that are wide open going into camp.