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Why I Love Vince Young

Yesterday afternoon the news was blique.  Pacman was still stupid, Givens was still hurt and LenDale was still fat.  Today though I am reminded why I love Vince.  Just read this quote from Jim Wyatt's article this morning:

The Titans had been off the field for just a few hours Thursday, their second minicamp practice of the offseason in the books. Most players were out the door at Baptist Sports Park, some on their way out of town for a long weekend.

As offensive coordinator Norm Chow sat in his office, a phone call from outside the building interrupted the silence. On the other end it was quarterback Vince Young. He wanted to know how Chow, after studying the practice tape, thought he performed.

Don't you just love that?  He is going to be a star because of things like this.  

The whole article is a great read.  I also like this quote from Vince:

"(But) it is not Vince, it is not all about Vince," Young said. "Everybody thinks Vince Young this and Vince that, but it is a whole another group of guys. We all have to take care of our assignments and responsibilities. We have to come together as a team, with me just being one of the leaders on the team."
He has already become a superstar, but he has made it clear that it is not all about him.  Last year he raised the productivity of everyone around him.  He is going to do that again this year.  There are just a select few athletes in the history of sports that have the ability to make every single player around them better.  I really think we will be talking about Vince in that sentence when his career is over.