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Steve McNair Arrested for DUI

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Former Titans and current Ravens QB Steve McNair was arrested for a DUI early this morning here in Nashville.  McNair was actually the passenger in the vehicle that was being driven by his brother-in-law.  In Tennessee you can be arrested as a passenger if you are riding in your own vehicle and the driver is under the influence.  McNair's brother-in-law refused to take a Breathalyzer test.  The article does not say if McNair was drunk or not.

It is hard to come down hard on McNair here because he could have been trying to do the right thing.  He might have realized he was to drunk to drive and didn't think his brother-in-law was.  I have no idea if that is what happened or not.  

This will present an interesting situation.  What will Goodell do?  He now has two premier QBs in Vick and McNair that have had some off the field issues.  Will they get preferential treatment because they are, or have at one time been, faces for the league?  If Goodell really wants this policy to have teeth, he has to treat every player they same.

Moving on, the Titans signed Tim Rattay yesterday.  This is the most exciting signing of the offseason.  How sad is that?  At least now we have a guy who would give us a chance to win if, heaven forbid, Vince goes down.

The Titans also continued there quest to have 11 starters on defense that at one time played for the Colts by signing former Colts LB Gilbert Gradner. Gardner started 12 games last year at OLB for the Colts. This is obviously a signing for depth because the Titans are extremely thin at LB.

I guess Jim Schwartz thinks if he gets enough former Colts here he won't have to do as much prep work during Colts week.