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Pacman Doesn't Get It and Other Rays of Sunshine

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Pacman doesn't get it.  He visited a strip club in New York the night before his April 3rd meeting with commissioner Goodell, according to  While this is not a crime, it is EXTREMELY stupid.  Check this excerpt:

When the Goodell and Jones met the next day, the commissioner already was made aware of Jones' late-night excursion because security from the strip club tipped off NFL security.

Rather than directly confront Jones, the commissioner gave him a test, sources said.

According to these sources, Goodell asked Jones what he was doing to help himself to change his lifestyle. Jones gave a lot of the right answers, such as volunteering that he was going to avoid the nightclub scene.

The commissioner asked him if the self-imposed ban included strip clubs. Jones said yes.

Goodell then asked Jones the last time he had visited a strip club.

Jones became a bit fidgety, perhaps suspicious that the commissioner was on to him, before he answered, "A day ago," sources said.

The fact that this is surfacing on the eve of his appeal hearing leads me to believe there is no chance the suspension is getting reduced.

Will he ever get it?  I don't think so.  What has he done to this point to lead us to believe otherwise?  He makes bad decision, after bad decision, after bad decision....  It is time for the organization to move on.  Counting on getting anything from him ever would be as big of a mistake as the Cubs counting on getting anything from Mark Prior or Kerry Wood.  If he ever comes back great but it would be a crucial mistake for the Titans to count on him.

In other sunshine news, David Given is not going to be ready for the start of the season according to The Tennessean.  Givens had a second knee surgery about six weeks ago that was not revealed until today.  Here is what Givens had to say today:

"My expectations are to be back at some time this season, I don't know exactly when,'' Givens said. "It is kind of a week-to-week thing right now. When I can start doing some pounding on it, I'll have a better idea at that time.''
I wasn't really counting on him being back.  All this does is confirm that fear.

Wait, there's more.  LenDale White did not participate in practice today.  He has a hamstring injury.  White is being basically handed a starting running back job and he can't even get himself on the field.  This is the same crap he went through last year.  First it was a hamstring, then it was a hip flexor and then it was the flu.  It was always something that wasn't severe but kept him off the field.  In the words of Dick Vermeil to Larry Johnson, "It is time to take the diaper off."  Get yourself on the field or get out.  There is no time for this crap.

I hope each and every one of you have a nice day!!