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Chris Henry, RB, Arizona

Here is Henry's highlight video.  You will notice in the video that every play is shown about 3 times.  That tells you about his production in college.

Henry has been the Titans most talked about pick, not just here but on tv, radio and in the papers.  There are some very good things about him.  He is a big back at 228 pounds and has excepional speed (4.4 40).  If he can learn to play the position instead of being just an athlete he will turn out to be a really good back in this league.

There are plenty of negatives with Henry.  He does not have good field vision.  Sometimes he relies to much on his speed and is not patient to wait for blocks to develop.  The coaches at Arizona had some problems keeping him focused.  He appears to be a little immature.

Look, he obviously has as ton of upside.  Upside is a scary word though.  It means boom or bust.  Henry has all of the physical skills to be a good running back in the NFL.  Can the Titans teach him to play the position?  Only time will tell.  That will be the determining factor in the final boom or busy evaluation.