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With the 24th pick in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft....

....the New England Patriots select Eric Weddle, S, Utah.

The Jets are now on the clock.  (I have no idea who is picking for the Jets)

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend, but honestly, there just isn't anything going on.

I did find an interesting link this morning.  For some reason ESPN has decided to recap the 2004 NFL draft.  Take a look at Mel Kiper's recap of the Titans draft.  He gave the Titans an "A".  Another hit to Kiper's guru credibility.  Here were the Titans 2004 draft picks:

2nd Round (#40) Ben Troupe
2nd Round (#42) Travis LaBoy
2nd Round (#57) Antwan Odom
3rd Round (#71) Randy Starks
3rd Round (#92) Rich Gardner
4th Round (#103) Bo Schobel
4th Round (#124) Michael Waddell
5th Round (#138) Jacob Bell
5th Round (#165) Robert Reynodls
6th Round (#191) Troy Fleming
7th Round (#230) Jared Clauss
7th Round (#239) Eugene Amano
7th Round (#241) Sean McHugh

Where did Mel get the "A"?  Jacob Bell is the only impact player in that group.  That is all.  Sure, others have shown flashes, but no one else has been an impact player for the Titans.  Basically Mel Kiper is no more of an expert than any of us.