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With the 19th Selection in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft...

....the Tennessee Titans select Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee.

Here was the dilemma I faced.  The Titans have 2-3 huge needs.  The roster with Pacman needs a receiver and a defensive end.  The roster without Pacman needs a corner as well.  We know Pacman will miss time, but as this point, we are not sure how much time he will miss.  The needs at reciever and defensive end are so big that I couldn't justify taking a corner without knowing the suspension.

There just isn't a defensive end left that is worthy of this pick.

Obviously I like Meachem the best of the Meachem, Ginn, Jarrett, and Bowe group.  Meachem has the combination of size and speed that none of the others have.  Meachem is bigger than Ginn, a lot faster than Jarrett and faster than Bowe.

Meachem is guy who seems to be a stand-up guy off the field.  This ranks higher to the Titans right now that it ever has.

The Giants are now on the clock....