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Pacman on the NFL Network

First off, thanks to gotitans27 for posting this diary and giving me the heads up on the piece tonight.

I didn't like that he started off the piece by saying he was potrayed the way he is because of his dreadlocks and jewelry.  He was quick to point out that he hasn't been convicted of anything.  After the first minute of the piece I thought it was going to do more harm than good.  He seemed to be making excuses for everything that has happened.  

Deion didn't let him get away with that though.  He basically called him on the carpet.  

Pacman's tone changed a bit at that point.  At times he stepped up to take responsibility for his actions.  He said he has learned some lessons.  He apologized to the league, the Titans organization and his teammates for all of the trouble he has brought.  

His lawyers had said that he wouldn't be talking until the Vegas incident was resolved.  I guess they figured Goddell would have some mercy on him if the gave the NFL Network an exclusive interview.  Will it work?  I don't have any idea.  Hopefully we will find out sooner than later.