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A New Day Dawns

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There is no doubt it is too early to tell what this draft will bring us, but it seems to be a consensus across the board that the Titans did not do a very good job.

Check out the grades from the Tennessean writers:

Jim Wyatt
Paul Kuharsky
David Climer
Joe Biddle

I am feeling nice this morning so I am going to give them an overall grade of C.

It could be a good draft if Chris Henry proves not to be a workout warrior.  The Titans backfield will either be boom or bust this year.  If LenDale and Henry both pan out we will be touting the genious of Reinfeldt.

If both guys are busts it is going to be a long year.  Let's hope this is not the case.

I do like Michael Griffin as a football player.  He is a better safety than Lamont Thompson right now, so we obviously got better with that pick.  The problem is, one, that wasn't our biggest need, and two, we didn't do anything after that to make our defense better.  It is beyond me why we passed on Charles Johnson in the 3rd round.

I wasn't excited about the Griffin pick, but I still would have loved our draft if we went Griffin in the first, Steve Smith in the second and Charles Johnson in the third.  That would have made the Titans better at 3 positions.  Playing out the way it did, they are only better at safety.  

Alas, we move forward.  We have 10 new Titans.  This week will be meet your new Titans week.  This afternoon we will have a profile on Michael Griffin.