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Tuesday Morning Quick Hitters

There are a few notes this morning while we wait for the Texans to make their pick in the mock draft.

Michael Turner was in town yesterday to meet with the Titans.  Since the Chargers have tendered him at the 1st and 3rd round pick level, it is most likely the Titans would work out a trade if they were going to acquire him.  He is an exciting guy.  I would love to see him in two-toned blue for the right price.

Corey Dillon will visit with the Titans today.  He would be easier to acquire than Turner because he is an unrestricted free agent.  Turner is the better option, but the price might be too high.

Pacman Jones has his meeting with the commissioner today.  It is unlikely that we will learn much that goes on in that meeting.  Pacman's college teammate, Chris Henry, will also meet with the commissioner today.  Hopefully the two will not be allowed to hang out together after the meetings.

LaMarr Woodley, the defensive end from Michigan is scheduled to visit with the Titans today.  I would love to see that guy still on the board in the 2nd round.

As mentioned in this diary, the Titans preseason schedule was announced yesterday:

Aug. 11 - vs. Washington Redskins, 7 p.m., NFL NETWORK
Aug. 16-19 - at New England Patriots, WKRN
Aug. 23-26 - at Buffalo Bills, WKRN
Aug. 30 - vs. Green Bay Packers, 7 p.m., WKRN

That game at New England could be interesting.  The Patriots are not big fans of the Titans because of the block Bobby Wade threw on Bobby Wade last year and the events that followed.

Back to the mock draft, is is shaping up nicely for the Titans so far.  Let's hope players other than corners and receivers continue to fly off the board.