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Is This Reinfeldt Guy Serious?

First off, if I gave the impression that I don't think Griffin is a good football player, I apologize.  Those were not my intentions.  I am sure he is worhty of the #19 pick, just not the #19 pick for the Tennessee Titans.  

I will give you that the whole picture isn't in place yet, but that doesn't make that pick make any more since.  (especially not after our 2nd round pick)  I have watched this team week in and week out since they came to Tennessee in 1997 as the Tennessee Oilers.  I think I have a pretty good feel for the needs of the roster.  Griffin was not what we needed at #19.  

How in the world do we take a guy in the 2nd round whose best college season was 581 yards?  He only had 9 TDs in his college career.  9!!  He averaged 2.25 TDs per season.  Everything I read about Chris Henry leading up to the draft included these two very scary words, "workout warrior."  Production is king.  Chris Henry=no production.

I am one of the biggest Titans fans you will find.  I am by no means writing this team off or giving up on them.  I do have to be honest though.  I can't sit here and act like I am pleased with the events of the day.  We are not any better at 7:34 p.m than we were at 7:34 a.m.  That is the truth.