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Is Michael Turner Coming to Nashville?

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Interesting article from Jim Wyatt at  ESPN is reporting that the Chargers have received an acceptable offer from another team for Michael Turner.  The rumor is the deal is for a 1st round pick in 2008.  It is not yet confirmed who that offer is from.  Interesting quote from Turner's agent Bus Cook:

"I have no idea. If (the Chargers) have, they haven't talked to me about it,'' Cook said. "If it's true, somebody has to call me to tell me about it.''

Asked which team it might be, Cook could only speculate

"I don't have a clue, unless it's the Titans, but I don't know,'' Cook said. "But they haven't called me about it. I haven't heard from anybody.''

If it is the Titans, I like it. You keep your picks this year to fill the holes at WR, DE and CB. Hopefully the team is better and the pick next year is lower than #19.