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It's Almost Here

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The draft countdown clock at the top of the site started more than 100 days ago.  In a little more than 48 hours it will expire.  I don't know about everyone else, but I am fired up.  I cannot wait until 11 a.m. Saturday morning when the circus begins.

This morning on 104.5 the zone Paul Kuharsky of the Tennessean, Kevin Ingram, Mark Howard and Frank Wycheck all read off their mock drafts.  They were unanimous with the Titans taking a DE at #19.  It was mixed between Jarvis Moss, Jamaal Anderson and Anthony Spencer.  (I think Howard and Ingram both said Anderson)  It was very interesting to hear this.

Moss is a guy that excites me on the field.  He is 6-6 1/2" and runs a 4.70 40.  He is a Kearse type guy that will get after the QB.  Moss also has similarities to Kearse in the fact that he isn't very good against the run.  I think the Titans can live with that.

The biggest negative on Moss is his questionable character.  He had a pot incident while at Florida.

Anderson is an exciting guy as well, but I really don't think he will be on the board at #19.  He is heavier that Moss and just a little bit shorter.  He also has good speed at 4.75.  He will be stronger against the run than Moss because he can hold his own against the big offensive tackles.

The negative on him is that he only did it for 1 year.  He jumped from 4 sacks in 2005 to 13.5 in 2006.  

In other notes, there is a pretty amusing quote from Floyd Reese in this morning's Tennessean:

"My plan was -- not that anybody cared -- we were going to try and get Vince some weapons," Reese said. "We were going to be sure we had quality tight ends and we wanted to add at receiver.''
I like the "not that anybody cared" part.  He talks in that article about Ginn being a good fit for the Titans.  Boo Floyd Reese.

What are your thoughts about the defensive ends of this draft?