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Draft Concern

Everything that I am hearing is that if Ted Ginn is on the board the Titans are going to take him.  

I want to hear what everyone thinks of Ginn.  Here is my 2 cents:  He is little and fast.  Speed is great but everyone in the NFL is fast.  He is not going to be faster than everyone in the NFL like he was in college.  

He is undersized.  Tell me how many receivers have been successful at his size.  Steve Smith is one.  Who else?

Is it worth drafting him just because he will be a good return man?  I don't think so.  We have guys on our roster than can do an adequate job on returns, or we can find a return guy later in the draft.  I think #19 is too high to take a guy just because he will be a good returner.

I will be dissapointed if we take him.  What say ye?