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It's Draft Week

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The Tennessean decided to cover the draft.  That is pretty neat.

They have a breakdown of the first round here.  Here is the Titans blurb:


Last season: After an 0-5 start, Tennessee nearly made the playoffs behind Offensive Rookie of the Year Vince Young and CB Adam "Pacman" Jones. But Jones also brought major off-field issues.

They need: Receivers; defensive line; cornerback.

They don't need: To take a cautionary approach. This team does its best when it's beng aggressive, especially on offense with Young.

Possible first pick: Meachem; Bowe; Carriker; Moss; DE Charles Johnson, Georgia.

Outlook: A team on the rise, with strong coaching, athleticism and a dash of spark thanks to Young. They'll need RB LenDale White to progress quickly if they don't trade for San Diego backup Michael Turner and must upgrade the receiving corps. The whole Jones affair could have a negative effect in the short term.

 There is no way the Titans will take Charles Johnosn at #19.  They could trade up in the 2nd round to get him.

You can also take a look at the Tennessean mock draft here.  Robert Meachem gets picked by Houston and Dallas in the first round.  It is a good thing those cities are close together.  He shouldn't have much of a problem making both games when they are both at home.  It might be a little tougher when the Texans are in San Diego and the Cowboys are in Philadelphia.  They have the Titans taking Dwayne Bowe.

Kuharsky has a ranking of offensive players here.  There is no way Sydney Rice is a better prospect than Dwayne Jarrett.

Kuharsky also has a ranking of defensive players here.

Of a little more interest, Kuharsky also has the Titans best and worst draft picks ever.  There is little surprise that the worst picks list is 3/5 CB-WR.  The Titans have seemed to struggle to find much of anything at these positions.