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Mock Draft Update with Our Pick

With the 73rd pick the Houston Texans pick Jason Hill, WR, Washington State.

With the 74th pick the Buffalo Bills select Quincy Black, LB, New Mexico.

With the 75th pick the Atlanta Falcons select Tony Hunt, RB Penn State.

With the 76th pick the San Francisco 49ers select Stewart Bradley, LB, Nebraska.

With the 77th pick the Pittsburgh Steelers select Tarrell Brown, CB, Texas.

With the 78th pick the Green Bay Packers select Jay Moore, DE, Nebraska.

With the 79th pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select Sabby Piscitelli, S, Oregon State.

That brings us to the Tennessee Titans.

With the 80th selection in the 2007 SB Nation mock draft the Tennessee Titans select....

....Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn.

This was the toughest pick of the mock for me.  I was going back and forth between Irons and Florida DE Ray McDonald for hours.  McDonald is a DE/DT tweener and I just wasn't sold on him.

It is obvious the Titans need another back.  Irons is a speed guy that would provide the perfect compliment to LenDale.  This would give the Titans a feared one-two punch that would allow Jeff Fisher to play the type of football he loves.  Isn't that what it is really all about?

Let's hear some reaction....