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With the 6th Selection in the 2007 SBN Mock Draft...

....the Washington Redskins select Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas.  

I must admit, I am an idiot.  For some reason I thought it was the Cardinals that were on the clock but it was actually the Redskins.

The DEs are flying off the board in this draft.  I would expect that Carriker will also be gone before our pick comes up at #19.

In Titans news, Corey Dillon is expected to be in town for a visit on Wednesday.  If the Titans would give him a 1 year deal to split carries with LenDale, I am all for it.  He would add some much needed depth to the RB position.

Update [2007-4-2 11:36:50 by Jimmy]: OK, I really am a moron. I just completely missed the Cardinals pick. They took Levi Brown, T, Penn State. Thanks for catching that Zack.