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Mock Update

Here is what has gone on since we picked:

With the 51st pick the New York Giants select Eric Wright, CB, UNLV.

With the 52nd pick the St. Louis Rams select Craig Davis, WR, LSU.

With the 53rd pick the Dallas Cowboys select Steve Smith, WR, USC.

With the 54th pick the Kansas City Chiefs select Doug Free, OT, Northern Illinois.

With the 55th pick the Seattle Seahawks select the love of Big Bad Bulluck's life, Michael Bush, RB, Louisville.

With the 56th pick the Houston Texans select Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee.

With the 57th pick the Philadelphia Eagles select Brian Leonard, RB, Rutgers.

With the 58th pick the New Orleans Saints select Rufus Alexander, LB, Oklahoma.

The New York Jets are now on the clock....

You can view the whole draft at Pride of Detroit.  I would love to make that table, but I have no idea how.

This weekend I am thinking about doing a 1st round mock myself.  Anyone out there want to help?