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Mock Update with Our Next Pick

With the 48th pick the Jacksonville Jaguars select Tim Crowder, DE, Texas.

With the 49th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Jon Beason, LB, Miami.  I know I said Jon Beason was taken by the Patriots in the 1st round but that pick was made by committee because it took the Pats guy so long to pick.  He whined when he saw that someone had picked for him so he was allowed to have a do over.  I wouldn't have voted in favor of that but I did not get a vote.  The Patriots actual pick was Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn.

Anyways, that put us on the clock.  I did a little corner research this morning.  There was a lot of talk here about Eric Wright, CB, UNLV.  DonFrancisco tipped me off to an incident he had in college.  He actually began his career at USC.  He transferred after he was arrested for suspicion of rape.  Nothing came of those charges but during the investigation the police did find 136 ecstasy pills at an apartment Wright shared with another guy.

There is no proof that Wright did anything wrong, but after what the Titans have been through with Pacman, I want to stay away from any character issues.

That being said I narrowed my choice down to Josh Wilson of Maryland and Fred Bennett of South Carolina.  I didn't see Bennett as a threat in the return game.  So...

With the 50th selection in the 2007 SB Nation mock draft the Tennessee Titans select Josh Wilson, CB Maryland.  Wilson is covering Calvin Johnson 1-on-1 in that picture, FYI.

Wilson is a smaller corner at 5'9 but he ran a 4.39.  He is regarded as an excellent returner, so he can fill 2 needs the Titans have.

Let me hear you feeback....