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Titans 2007 Prediciton Contest

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The Tennessean has a breakdown (PDF) of the Titans schedule with info on each opponent this morning.  

I propose a contest.  Let's all make out picks in this thread (just copy yours if you already made them yesterday).  I will save everyone's picks and there will be a prize of some type awarded at the end of the season.  Probably a gift card to Outback or something like that.

Here are the rules:  

  1.  The tiebreakers will be similar to the tiebreakers used in the NFL.  The first tie-breaker will be divisional picks.  
  2.  The second tiebreaker will be AFC picks.  
  3.  The final tiebreaker will be total points the Titans score in 2007.  When you make your picks put the amount of points you think the Titans will score in 2007.
Once the season starts, we will also have a Pick 'Em contest for all of the games around the NFL each week.  Good times shall be had by all.

There have been a few 2nd round picks made in the mock.

With the 33rd pick the Oakland Raiders select Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State.

With the 34th pick the Detroit Lions select Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State.

With the 35th pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Buster Davis, LB, Florida State.

The Cleveland Browns are now on the clock....