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Pacman Jones Suspension: Wanna Bet?

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David Climer mentions is his column this morning that you can bet on the length of Pacman's suspension. has the following odds for the suspension:

3-2 odds for a suspension from 0-3 games
2-1 odds for a suspension from 4-6 games
7-2 odds for a 1-year suspension

If I had to choose 1 to put money on, it would be the 4-6 games.  I think the NFL gives him 6 and the Titans tack 2 more on to make it half the season.  

If you would have asked me 2 weeks ago, I would have said it would be a year, but I am of the belief that the NFL Network Prime Time heart-to-heart was arranged by Goddell.  I think he told Pacman if he would act remorseful in front of the nation, the discipline would be more lenient.