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Friday: Can We Please Get a Signing?!?

Maybe today is the day.  Then again, maybe not.  There are no visits scheduled for today and the details for future visits are a little hazy.  The good news is reported by Terry McCormick this morning.  He says that Nick Harper does not plan on visiting any other teams.  I know Harper isn't Nate Clements, but he is a solid veteran corner.  He is no doubt and upgrade from Reynaldo even if he has been in a cover 2 his entire career.

McCormick also mentions, as Zack did yesterday, that the Seahwawks released Grant Wistrom.  If Wistrom has any gas left in the tank the Titans should bring him in.  He would add veteran leadership and depth to the defensive line.

The same article mention the Titans might have some interest in veteran DT Jeff Zgonina.  Again, any opportunity to add depth and leadership to the defensive line should be seriously entertained.

Something that has taken a back seat around here is the Jeff Fisher contract negotiations.  That is the most important thing that could get done this offseason.  I am hoping the only reason it isn't done yet is because the offseason has been so hectic to this point.  First there was a GM search, then there was the Pacman in Vegas incident and now free agency.  Hopefully the talks are on-going and everything will be sorted out before the season starts.

Today is the day for a signing.  I can feel it....