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Never Fear Says Fisher

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Jeff Fisher says they have a plan:

"It is really pretty simple,'' Fisher said. "It is subtraction and it is addition. So when you're down three, people are saying, 'What are you doing?' The perception may be we are spinning our wheels and we're getting caught off-guard here.

"Well, that is not the case. We have a plan.''

This is really what everyone needs to keep in mind.  The free agency period isn't over yet.  There is still time to add guys that are solid players.  

When the team completes it's plan, Fisher vowed the Titans "will be a better team'' than the one that finished 8-8 last season.
It would be really nice to have at least one guy signed though.

Today the Titans are scheduled to bring in Nick Harper and Cowboys LB Ryan Fowler.  Bears WR Justin Gage and Rams WR Kevin Curtis are scheduled to come in at some point.  Dominic Rhodes has not scheduled a visit here but the Titans have talked to his agent.

The article also mentioned the Titans have talked to the Bills about Willis McGahee.  The Ravens are currently considered the front runners to land him.

Paul Kuharsky confirmed this morning that Donte Stallworth was in town Tuesday night through yesterday.  No word on how the talks went with him.

There is an article on LenDale White in this morning's Tennessean.  He says he is going to be committed to the offseason workout program.  My only question about LenDale is conditioning. If he stays in shape he will be a really good back.

You can cross Jamal Lewis off the list of available backs.  He signed a 1 year $3.5 million dollar contract with the Browns yesterday.