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Wednesday Morning Quick Hitters

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Bobby Wade got $3 mil a year?  Look, I was leading the Bobby Wade back with the Titans campaign, but that is absurd.  He had 33 catches and 2 TDs in 2006.  2!!  Can anyone guess how many that gives him for his career?  Anyone, anyone?  That's right, 2.  So now he is getting paid $1.5 million per TD.  

It is being reported in today's Tennessean that Jamar Fletcher and Donte Stallworth will be meeting with the Titans today.  

Jamar Fletcher is a guy who was a 1st round pick in 2001.  He has been a bit of a journey-man but did have a nice year in Detroit last year with 3 picks.

The report also says Stallworth is looking for either a 5 to 6 year deal with a $12 million signing bonus or a 1 year deal where he can put up some numbers and get paid in 2008.  I would be all for the Titans giving him a 1 year deal.  If he could come in stay healthy and be a good locker room guy, a long term extension could get done.

Chris Brown will meet with the Bills today afer Dominic Rhodes met with them yesterday.  Reinfeldt said yesterday that Brown is a guy he wants back.  Brown is a baby.  Someone should really bring Reinfeldt up to speed on what has gone on here in the past few seasons.  What do you think Zack?

Robaire Smith met with the Browns yesterday.  No word on if the Titans have even made him an offer yet.

The Titans have expressed interest in Kelly Washington.  Why?  I am not sure.  Of course, if he is on the Bobby Wade pay scale the Titans will have to pay him $13.5 million for his 9 career TDs.  

I have neither been able to confirm or deny that the Titans are also interested in Willie Gault.  Why are the Titans interested in every player who played for the Vols?  How many guys have come in from UT and done anything for the Titans.