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With the 1st Selection in the 2007 SBN Mock Draft...

....the Oakland Raiders select JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU.

Nothing says THE RAIDERS like a QB who can throw the ball 122 yards from his knees.  Seriously though, has anyone watched this guy throw the ball?  He might have the strongest arm I have ever seen.  

Russell, no doubt, has the physical tools to be an NFL QB.   My only question about him is his decision making ability.  Being in SEC country, I got to see Russell play a lot at LSU.  He trusts his arm to much sometimes and he never changed that throughout his entire time at LSU.  

Detroit is now on the clock....

I have placed a poll on the right side asking what position the Titans should address first in the draft.  I will leave that up for a week and, most likely, I will choose a player from the selected position.