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Charges Recommended Against Pacman in Vegas

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What a way to be welcomed back from vacation.  The Las Vegas police have recommended that the district attorney file 3 charges against Pacman in Vegas.  The recommended charges are misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor threat to life and felony coercion.  

It is still unclear at this time if and/or when the district attorney will actually file the charges.  I also don't know what kind of jail time these charges would carry if he were to be convicted.  One charge is a felony, so if convicted, he isn't going to get off with community service.

The article written by Paul Kuharsky mentions the police still have not identified the shooter.

Now we know charges have been recommended but that is about all we know.  I think the police are trying to tighten the screws on Pacman to identify the shooter.  This could be a situation similar to the one Ray Lewis dealt with in Atlanta.  You tell us who did it and we will let you off with next to nothing.  You continue to protect your "boy" and we are going to send you to jail.

If you have read this site very long at all, you know where I stand on Pacman.  The kid is a heck of a player but it doesn't make up for all of the crap that he pulls off the field.  If I am the Titans, I cut him loose.  Enough is enough.  

I still hope he can turn his act around.  I do understand his childhood was unbelievably tough, but at some point you have to step up and be a man.  If the Titans cut him someone will sign him.  I will wish him the best, both personally and professionally, but the time has come for the Titans to move on.