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NFL Conduct Policy

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The Tennessean has a copy of the current NFL conduct policy this morning.  Here is the section of the contract that will do Pacman in:

Duty to report prohibited conduct

To ensure the effective administration of the policy, the League must be advised when a Covered Person engages in Prohibited Conduct. The obligation to report an arrest or criminal charge extends to both the person involved and to the Club or League entity for which he or she works.

When a person subject to this policy is arrested or charged with Prohibited Conduct, that information must be reported to the Club and NFL Security. Failure to report an incident will constitute conduct detrimental and will be taken into consideration in the final determination of discipline under this policy.

There it is in black and white.  This proves, once and for all, that Pacman will miss time in 2007.  The only question now is, How much time?

Paul Kuharsky has an article this morning about the conduct policy that is expected to be adopted this weekend at the owner's meetings.  Every day it becomes more and more obvious that Commissioner Goddell is going to make an example of Pacman.  As a Titans fan that makes me extremely nervous.  As a person though it gives me hope that if someone comes down hard on Pacman he will finally change his act.  We shall see....