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Does Don Banks Really Know Anything?

White02 brought our attention to an article written by Don Banks on yesterday in this diary.  Banks has a source in the NFL office that claims the NFL is going to come down hard on Pacman in the next couple of weeks.  He might be right but there is NO WAY they are going to suspend him for the whole 2007 season.  There is no precedent for a punishment like that.  If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell tried to do that, the grievances would be on his desk before he got back from the bathroom.

Also, the NFL is not going to suspend Pacman for the incident in Vegas unless something new comes out.  If they were going to do that it would already be done.  You can't suspend someone on an accusation of a strip club owner.  He will be suspended for not reporting the arrests in Georgia.  You see, that makes it easy for the NFL.  Not reporting an arrest is a clear violation of NFL policy.  They can hide behind that instead of having to use the Vegas allegations.  The suspension for failure to report the arrests will be easily upheld.  

Assuming what we know now is all there is to know, Pacman will get a suspension somewhere in the 5 game neighborhood.  The NFL will be able to claim they are taking this new stand against off the field misconduct, while all they will really be doing is holding up a rule that was already in place.