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The Morale Roller Coaster Continues

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As has already been discussed on the site, Kevin Curtis signed with the Eagles yesterday.  The Tennessean reports that the Titans weren't even in it at the end, while the City Paper quotes Curtis's agent saying they were.  

It doesn't matter if they were close or not.  The bottom line is the Titans decided not to "over pay" for another free agent.  If the Titans are never going to "over pay" for a free agent, we can give up the hope of ever getting another 1st tier free agent.  Guys in free agency get overpaid.  

How do you think Vince is feeling right now?  He has been sitting in Houston all offseason just watching his team, which had very weapons to begin with, be depleted.  I hope he looks forward to the challenge of taking an entire season on his shoulders.  I have faith that he can do it.

The City Paper article also says the Titans have talked about Terrence Copper.  It also mentions Justin McCareins, who might get released from the Jets and Mike Williams.  I wouldn't mind seeing McCareins back here but if we trade for Mike Williams I am going to, in the words of Zackmann, throw up all over my monitor.