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Titans Sign Someone (Kinda)

The Titans have signed Ryan Fowler to an offer sheet.  He will be a Titan unless the Cowboys match the Titans offer.  It is a 4 year deal worth a total of $11.5 million.  $5 million of that would be paid this year between salary and bonuses.  

The Titans front-loaded the deal for 2 reasons.  The first being all of the money that is available under the cap.  This keeps the deal from hurting them down the road.

The second reason is to keep the Cowboys from being able to match it as easily.  I am not sure how much money the Titans have under the cap, but I do know it isn't as much as the Titans.

As for the rest of free agency news, it is the same song different verse.  

Kevin Curtis might come visit.  

Justin Gage is here today.  

Nick Harper hasn't visited anyone else but he and the Titans are still far apart on contract numbers.

Reinfledt is still talking about Chris Brown.  Who knows why?

Julius Jones is thought to be available.  I don't know what he would cost but he would be worth a couple of picks in my mind.

Apparently the Titans had offered Stallworth and extremely similar contract but he decided to go to New England.  I guess he like the idea of playing with Brady better than Vince.  It doesn't really even matter because he will get hurt anyway.

Update [2007-3-13 16:29:4 by Jimmy]: Terry McCormick is reporting that Kevin Curtis will be coming to Tennessee for a visit.