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In the Words of Toby Keith....

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....a little less talk and a lot more action.  Here is today's Tennessean:

Coach Jeff Fisher said the Titans would not go into the draft with their current needs at wide receiver, defensive end, cornerback and running back.

"We will fill some spots without question before we go into the draft," Fisher said. "There are players out there that we think we can work deals with and we could get under contract before the draft."

That is a nice sentiment, but until someone is actually signed it doesn't make us feel any better.  They keep feeding us this stuff but when is something going to be done?  

Hey Jeff, you have a team that was on the cusp of being great last year.  Then, in the offseason you let the top 2 receivers and the 1,200 yard rusher from that team walk.  We as fans thought there would be a couple of upgrades made in free agency and that the rest of the holes would be filled in the draft.  You coming out and saying holes will be filled doesn't go too far.

Again, I think that Bennett and Wade got to much money.  I am glad the Titans passed on them.  The Henry deal was questionable but it didn't break my heart.  All of that would have been fine if on March 10th we were looking at Donte Stallworth and Jamar Fletcher as their replacements, or anyone at all!!

I am by no means giving up on this team.  I still believe the Titans will be in the playoffs in 2007.  I am just looking for management to come out and act like they believe it too.