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Pacman Jones to Face Charges in Georgia

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This is a joke, right??  Jim Wyatt has to be making this up just for fun, doesn't he??  There are 2 more incidents involving Pacman from February 2006 in Fayetville, GA according to this morning's Tennessean.  The first was a drug incident that has been dropped.  The Fayette County Drug Task Force isn't sure why:

Mike Pruitt of the Fayette County Drug Task Force said Wednesday night that he didn't know the marijuana charges against Jones had been dismissed. Pruitt said a home belonging to Jones was searched last March and that marijuana was found in two rooms after authorities executed a search warrant.

Pruitt said county prosecutors had not informed him that the case had been dismissed until he learned the news Wednesday. Today, he said, he plans to find out why.

"I want to know why it was dropped, and why it wasn't discussed with me," Pruitt said. "I want to know why. Is it because of who he is or what?"

As all stories involving Pacman do, it gets better:
Pruitt said Jones showed up in a sports car as officers arrived at the home, and Pruitt smelled marijuana in the car.

"I asked him why his (Corvette) smelled so bad, and he said, 'We were smoking it on the way down here from Nashville,' " Pruitt said. "Personally, I think the NFL needs to change its drug policy because (players) basically know they are going to get drug-tested.

"I asked him, 'Why do you want to throw your career away for a bunch of marijuana junk?' He said, 'I know when I am going to get drug-tested, so I quit doing it.' It's just crazy.''

There is also an obstruction of justice charge from a different incident:
When police approached the vehicle, they got into "a verbal altercation which led to a physical confrontation (when) they ran into a home they were sitting outside of," Heaton said. "We had to run in and get them, and there was a physical confrontation with Pacman, and he was charged with the felony obstruction. We had to get physical with him, and he got physical with us.
How much is it going to take?  That puts him in double digits for police reports SINCE HE HAS BEEN A TITAN.  That does not include the incidents from West Virginia that already had him on probation.  What is it going to take for the organization to wake up and do the right thing?