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It's Vince Young Week Baby

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We are having a mini Vince Young week here at MCM as we follow his Pro Bowl appearance.  There is a pretty cool article today about what others are saying about Vince in Hawaii.  My favorite quote is from Bengals WR Chad Johnson:

"I didn't know he was that (expletive) tall. He is a tall dude, and he has a great arm. ... He is going to be one of the best. His talent is going to take over. ... All that talk about his throwing motion, what does that matter?''
Colts WR Reggie Wayne summed it up pretty well also:
"He is a freak out there, man. He has all the skills."
Tony Gonzalez touched on what is Young's best quality:
"He seems very humble, very confident in the huddle. People razz him a little bit because he is a rookie, but he doesn't let it faze him. He seems really mature and he has to be at that position.
It is his confidence and poise that make him as great as he is.  (the athletic ability doesn't hurt)

Another thing that is going to make him a star in the league is the fact he is never satisfied with what he has accomplished.

As with any rookie star, however, there are concerns that maybe it's been too much, too soon. The Titans expect Young to lead them to bigger and better things, of course, and the last thing they want is for their quarterback to be sacked by a sophomore slump.

"I wouldn't worry about that. Based on what I've seen from him, he just wants to keep getting better and better,'' Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said. "It is one thing if he just kind of sits back now and rests on his laurels and says, 'Hey, I got here. I made it. I've arrived.'

"But he doesn't seem like that type of guy. As long as he stays hungry and keeps striving to get better, I think this guy has a chance to be a really special player for a long time.''

Again, every time I see a quote from Young I like him more.  Look at the end of this article:
Young said he has a plan to get back here every year:

"Keep working, man.''