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Vince Young at the Pro Bowl

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The Tennessean decided to cover something other than Peyton Manning today.  There is a nice article about Young's first day in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl.

Young always knows the perfect thing to say:

"I am living the dream of a little man right now,'' Young said. "Just watching all these guys, the stars of the NFL. It is really special. ... I have so much respect for them, and I love being here with these guys. We are becoming family. I just want them to respect me as well and I think they do.''
He has stayed humble through all the success he had this year.  It is all about team to him and that is awesome.  Having a STAR like that makes championship teams.  LT realizes what amazed us all year long:
You wouldn't think he is a rookie out here the way he handles himself.''
You can follow Young's Pro Bowl experience through his Pro Bowl diary here.

I didn't realize Young could be the first rookie QB to ever play in the Pro Bowl.  Marino was elected in 1983 but could not play because of an injury. No one deserves that honor more than Vince.