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Titans Hire Football Administrator

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The Titans hired Vincent Marino as Senior Director of Football Administration today, according to The Tennessean.  Marino has spent the last 18 years in the NFL league offices.  Marino's duties will include assisting with salary cap management and player contract negotiations.

In case you didn't see this diary, Pacman Jones has a publicist and she has come out with her account of how the events of that fateful night went down.  Pacman has a publisist.  Now that is funny.

Speaking of Pacman, there is a story in today's City Paper about his link to a drug dealer.  I do realize all of these statements are coming from a convicted felon.  Add another story to the list.  Something has got to be done about this guy.  

I didn't realize until today that Pacman has a 1 year old daughter.  It blows my mind that he wouldn't try to get control of himself for her sake.  I guess he just feels invincible.  For her sake I hope someone can get through to him.